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After Mike had acted as a taxi driver to ferry me and my luggage to our hotel before heading back for the rest of the crew, I wandered around the finish area in Annapolis eating a lovely big ice cream and reflecting on our adventure. It was a great trip and one I’ll never forget. What’s more I’d been able to share it with a group of friends and despite all the stress associated with fatigue and the lack of food and sleep, we’d managed it all with great comradeship.

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Bob Miller and his wife Judy walk past television monitors showing him on the ice at Staples Center. The Los Angeles Kings and Hall of Fame Television Play by Play man Bob Miller annouced today that he will broadcast 2 more games, and then retire. Los Angeles, CA 3/2/2017.

Sports psychologist Steve Smith would say that Uribe let his robot do the job. His robot? That’s what Smith calls the cerebral cortex, the part of the human brain that provides a calming focus in situations fraught with anxiety. “The robot is logical.

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